When pundits collide

Stewart Mandel today:

… Hopefully, it [Notre Dame’s 1-9 season] will also serve as a cautionary tale to athletic directors around the country when hiring their next coach: That leading 20- and 30-something professionals to Super Bowls does not automatically render a coach capable of leading 18- and 19-year-old college kids…

… The only potential positive is that maybe now a few athletic directors might give pause before throwing money at the next hot NFL name.

Really?  If you look at Dennis Dodd’s list of the top 10 coaching jobs of 2007 – granted, a dumb list for its inclusion of Lloyd Carr – at a glance, you’ll see that five of the top seven names he’s listed have NFL experience.

A more accurate lesson here for college ADs everywhere:  just because Notre Dame does something stupid doesn’t mean you have to.

And for the rest of us?   Caveat lector, especially when it comes to cherry picking pundits.


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