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Into the wild blue yonder

Groo notes that we’re going to be visited by the US Army Silver Wings parachute team tomorrow and that’s not been the best of omens before.

But it’s damned cool to watch.

Things could be less inspiring, you know. Take this flyover before the Mississippi State-Alabama game as an example.

Goosebumps City, sweetheart.

(h/t Third Saturday in Blogtober)


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You-know-who reminds me of you-know-who.

One more point of comparison that may crop up tomorrow:

… With 1,104 yards in 10 games, Moreno is the first Bulldogs freshman since Herschel Walker in 1980 to run for 1,000 yards in a season. Walker also was the last Georgia player to run for 100 yards in five consecutive games in 1982.

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Steele sez…

Georgia cruises:

Georgia has 3 freshman starters in the offensive line but at this point of the year they are no longer freshmen and the offense is responding to their experience with 42 vs Florida and 45 vs Auburn. Kentucky lost at South Carolina by 15 and it could have been 22 as SC was at the 2 yard line at the end. Georgia clinches at least a share of the SEC East crown with a win and they get it.
PHIL’S FORECAST: #8 GEORGIA 45 #22 Kentucky 24


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“8 and 0, my ass.”

Paul Westerdawg links to some predictions/commentary about the ‘Bama, Florida, Auburn and Kentucky games that are a must hear, at least if your sensibilities aren’t easily offended.  Hilarious stuff.

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I don’t think they need my advice.

It almost seems a little presumptuous offering keys to the Georgia game these days.

I mean, what do you want to start with – Georgia needs to come in focused? I think they’ve got that one figured out in Athens. Remember the goal posts coming down in Lexington?

(photo courtesy Athens Banner-Herald)

Trust me, they’ve been told. Georgia needs to establish the run? Sure, Bobo needs my advice on that front. Stafford needs to avoid throwing INTs from his one yard line and UK’s two?

OK, that one’s not bad.

I heard Richt on the radio this week downplaying the turnovers from last year’s game – true, UK did have three of its own – but if you look at the final stats, it’s hard to deny that they had an impact (although the defense did bail Matt out of his mistake on the Georgia one). The Dawgs outgained Kentucky on the ground and in the air, had more first downs and were 5 of 9 on third down. But the turnovers cost Georgia points and put added pressure throughout the game on a defense that seemed to wilt in the fourth quarter.

Add in two missed field goals and a blocked extra point, stir well, and there’s your recipe for disaster.

So, I’ll keep it simple. Let’s just say the key to the game tomorrow is don’t screw up.

Actually, there’s one more key. Send Kentucky back home in good enough shape that the ‘Cats can take care of business with Tennessee Saturday week.

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What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Oregon’s loss last night marks, incredibly enough, the fifth time that the number 2 ranked team in the nation has lost to an unranked opponent in the last seven weeks (that, per Ivan Maisel).

What’s interesting from Georgia’s standpoint is what that loss does to its BCS chances.  The essential question to be asked at this point is how many conferences deserve to send two teams to the BCS.

You’d think the Pac-10 and Big XII are pretty much assured of two schools in the BCS, and the Big East and ACC only providing one apiece.  That’s six of the ten slots.  If the winner of the Boise State-Hawaii picks up one of those – and that’s not guaranteed – that leaves three places allocated for the SEC and Big Ten.

Pete Fiutak at College Football News seems to think that Michigan will beat Ohio State this Saturday to win the Big Ten and play in the Rose Bowl.  The surprise is that he thinks Ohio State will grab the Sugar Bowl slot that most of us have been thinking would go to a 10-2 Georgia.   (Of course, it’s possible that Fiutak thinks that the Dawgs either lose one of their remaining regular season games, or lose to LSU in the SECCG.   He doesn’t say.)

Here’s how he lays it out:

BCS Championship
LSU vs. Oklahoma

Rose Bowl
Michigan vs.
Arizona State

Fiesta Bowl
Oregon vs.

Orange Bowl
Virginia Tech vs.
West Virginia

Sugar Bowl
Ohio State vs.
Boise State

Honestly, unless there’s a third loss somewhere in the picture for Georgia, I don’t see how a two loss Ohio State jumps it for a BCS game.  One thing, though, about Fiutak’s scenario is that he doesn’t have Southern Cal in the BCS, either.  How cool would a Georgia-Southern Cal bowl game be?

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