I don’t think they need my advice.

It almost seems a little presumptuous offering keys to the Georgia game these days.

I mean, what do you want to start with – Georgia needs to come in focused? I think they’ve got that one figured out in Athens. Remember the goal posts coming down in Lexington?

(photo courtesy Athens Banner-Herald)

Trust me, they’ve been told. Georgia needs to establish the run? Sure, Bobo needs my advice on that front. Stafford needs to avoid throwing INTs from his one yard line and UK’s two?

OK, that one’s not bad.

I heard Richt on the radio this week downplaying the turnovers from last year’s game – true, UK did have three of its own – but if you look at the final stats, it’s hard to deny that they had an impact (although the defense did bail Matt out of his mistake on the Georgia one). The Dawgs outgained Kentucky on the ground and in the air, had more first downs and were 5 of 9 on third down. But the turnovers cost Georgia points and put added pressure throughout the game on a defense that seemed to wilt in the fourth quarter.

Add in two missed field goals and a blocked extra point, stir well, and there’s your recipe for disaster.

So, I’ll keep it simple. Let’s just say the key to the game tomorrow is don’t screw up.

Actually, there’s one more key. Send Kentucky back home in good enough shape that the ‘Cats can take care of business with Tennessee Saturday week.

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