Steele sez…

Georgia cruises:

Georgia has 3 freshman starters in the offensive line but at this point of the year they are no longer freshmen and the offense is responding to their experience with 42 vs Florida and 45 vs Auburn. Kentucky lost at South Carolina by 15 and it could have been 22 as SC was at the 2 yard line at the end. Georgia clinches at least a share of the SEC East crown with a win and they get it.
PHIL’S FORECAST: #8 GEORGIA 45 #22 Kentucky 24



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4 responses to “Steele sez…

  1. I hope we hold Kentucky to 24. I suspect more like 45-31.

    Two keys to the game:
    Run:pass ratio needs to be 40:20.
    Moreno/Brown need to eclipse 200 yards rushing.



  2. You guys are looking really tough right about now. Who’d have thought the dance in Vandy was the spark? 🙂


  3. It’s been a damned weird year, that’s for sure. I thought I could count on you guys to be the normal team, though.

    Of course the way things are going, OSU will probably wind up back in the BCS title game after every team in front loses… 😉


  4. We could definitely use your help if you meet LSU in the SEC championship game.

    Of course, if that happened, Georgia would have a (legitimate) claim to a trip to New Orleans.

    Playoffs anyone?