Dawg day afternoon

Outgained. Held to 99 yards passing. -3 in turnover margin. 24 points scored against the SEC’s 3rd ranked team in points scored (38.3 ppg coming in). Down 10-0 in the second quarter.

All of which is not exactly a formula for success for a Georgia team that’s been bludgeoning teams with a barrage of scoring and offense in recent weeks.

Did I mention that Georgia won and covered the spread?

The Dawgs won behind a running game that let them control the clock (almost a 10 minute differential in TOP) and move the chains (9 of 15 on third down conversions) , superior special teams play and a defensive front seven that completely dominated UK in the second half with four sacks that led to the ‘Cats only having 2 rushing yards in that half of play.

This is turning out to be a good little team this season.

A few specific observations from the 35 yard line:

  • You get so caught up in what a nifty, elusive runner Moreno is that sometimes you fail to notice how physical he is. He finished one ten yard run with a solid hit on the defender that elicited a respectful “whoa” from the Sanford Stadium crowd.
  • Speaking of the crowd, UK’s offensive line had a hard time adjusting to the crowd noise and had a couple of false start penalties assessed as a result. Not bad for a 12:30 start.
  • Rennie Curran. 13 tackles. 12 solo stops. He’s to the defense what Moreno’s been to the offense this year. When Rafael Little got on the team bus to go back to Lexington, he probably checked to make sure that Rennie wasn’t in the seat next to him.
  • Brian Mimbs had another quietly solid game. He averaged 39 yards per punt, put two inside the twenty (and could have had a third if the gunner had turned around sooner) and only had one returned for two yards.

9-2 going into the Tech game. At worst, co-champs of the SEC East. Not bad at all. Sure, it’s a shame one or two plays couldn’t have gone Georgia’s way in the South Carolina game. Can you imagine what the buildup for the SECCG would be today if the Dawgs had escaped with a win in that one? Of course, before the second half of the Vandy game most of us were beginning to wonder what it would be like to watch ’em play in the Music City Bowl this year, so it’s not worth getting too worked up over spilt milk at this point in time.

Besides, with the win yesterday, Georgia eliminated Florida’s hopes of getting back to Atlanta. Take your petty pleasures where you can, Dawg fans.

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