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This week’s AP Poll is out – congrats to the Dawgs, who check in at #6.  But that’s not what this post is about.

We’ve got a voter who wants a little attention.

… Northern Iowa, the top-ranked team in the Championship Subdivision (formerly I-AA), received one point from the media panel, a 25th-place vote from Ray Ratto of the San Francisco Chronicle.

For the record, Northern Iowa has a win over a D-1 team this year.  It defeated Iowa State 24-13.  But here’s the rest of NI’s schedule:   Mankato State, South Dakota State, Drake, Illinois State, Southern Illinois, Western Illinois, Youngstown State, Missouri State, Indiana State and Southern Utah.  That’s Sagarin’s 152nd ranked schedule.

Here’s Ratto’s complete ballot.  Basically, he’s suggesting that NI would be the fourth best team in the SEC, the fifth best in the ACC, the fifth best in the Big XII, the fourth best in the Pac-10… well, you get the picture.

That’s not to say that NI couldn’t upset an upper tier team on a given Saturday.  But to suggest that a 1AA team could compete in a BCS conference on a week to week basis and finish in the upper part of the conference is a joke.  So, thanks for playing, Mr. Ratto – you’ve had your “Spurrier voted for Duke” moment.

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  1. peacedog

    I take away the voting priveledge of anyone who votes for a 1-AA team in their ballot. I consider doing it as soon as it happens, but most likely after the season.

    If the poll in question wasn’t tied into post season matchups, it would be fine. Otherwise, it’s total crap.