Money well spent

Now the obvious conclusion that the outside observer would draw from this and this (h/t DawgsOnline) is that Nick Saban has never met a principle he wouldn’t cast aside for a win.

But did you ever stop to think that maybe all it means is that ‘Bama has an incompetent SID? If he hasn’t thought it yet, I bet Saban will.

It’s been a long fall from that exhilarating win over Arky, hasn’t it, Tide fans? As Pulpwood said, “8 and 0, my ass.”

There’s no truth to the rumors that brick orders are up in Tuscaloosa. Yet. We may be one Tuberville smirk away from that, though.


UPDATE: I have to admit I didn’t think of this possibility.


UPDATE #2: “It was what it was.” (h/t From The Bleachers)


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2 responses to “Money well spent

  1. Ally

    This is a comment from a Bama fan on the article in

    “Suspended for today’s game? LOL, we’ve got a coach that sold out disipline to try and beat a bad team from the Sun Belt Conference. This is unreal.”

    You get what you pay for Bama.


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