You should be dancing, yeah.

Mississippi put twenty – twenty – players on probation for a series of petty thefts.

The worst part is that this doesn’t appear to be some sort of isolated incident.

… Orgeron bristled earlier in the season when asked if the suspensions were becoming a trend. But after Sunday’s announcement, about 25 percent of the football roster has been hit with some sort of punishment during the current season. [Emphasis added.]

But it’s thuggish for players to be enjoying themselves on the sideline during a game.  Riiiiight…


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5 responses to “You should be dancing, yeah.

  1. KG

    Thuggish for the whole team to celebrate on the sideline or for the WHOLE team to come out and celebrate in the endzone? 😉


  2. C’mon, KG, don’t hate ’em ’cause they’re pretty. 😉

    By the way, here’s hoping you guys get the chance to toast the Zooker in a bowl game.


  3. “Yaw, yaw, yaw. Fi finguh discouxnt fo Bren Shaffa.”


  4. I guess I can sort of understand why a kid might lift a radio from a hotel… sort of.

    But pillows?


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