I ♥ Rennie Curran.

From Ching’s blog:

… Here’s some of what Rennie had to say about the Yellow Jackets:

“I grew up with Tech players, Tech folks, I grew up around them all. It’s either one or the other when you’re growing up. You’re either a Tech fan or a Georgia fan and there’s no in between. Luckily I grew up around mostly Georgia fans. My first coach was a Georgia fan. He took me to my first Georgia game when I was like 10 years old, so Georgia football is all I knew. So once I started finding out about Tech, I wasn’t too interested in them, being a Dawg fan and knowing the hatred for Tech, being in-state.”

I hope he has thirty nine tackles on Saturday.  Thirty eight of them unassisted.

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  1. yo Rennie wats up man just saw your game and i’d like to say congrats to you and the Dawgs on your win