Tebow vs. McFadden for the Heisman

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It’s not like he needs my validation, but if it were up to me, Darren McFadden would win the Heisman Trophy.

He just ran for 206 yards and 3 TDs against the #4 rushing defense in the country.  For even more perspective on McFadden’s performance, consider that prior to today’s game LSU hadn’t allowed a running back to gain 100 yards in a game this year.

His team racked up 50 points and 513 total yards of offense on the road against the #2 team nationally in total defense and #9 in scoring defense, with a quarterback whose final stat line was 10-18 for 94 yards. (He did throw a TD pass – but so did McFadden.)

I know Tebow’s had a phenomenal year, statistically speaking. He’s the ideal QB to run Meyer’s system. And I love his attitude.

But Tebow isn’t the physical freak that McFadden is. And Tebow’s had a better supporting cast that helped Florida lose exactly one less game than Arkansas. Give Arkansas a healthy Marcus Monk all season and that game we just watched would have been for a SECCG berth – maybe for more than that.

Most people that watch Tebow play are impressed. Most people that watch McFadden play hold their breath every time he touches the ball. That’s the difference. That’s why McFadden should win.



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2 responses to “Tebow vs. McFadden for the Heisman

  1. Will

    The LSU game is exactly what McFadden needed as a counter-argument against Tebow for Heisman. He played his best game in what was arguably the most important game of the year. As a Dawg fan, I’m admittedly biased, but although it would be close, I think McFadden should get the nod.

    Honestly, though, Tebow can win three Heismans for all I care, as long as he goes 0-3 against Georgia and we can see the sweet sight of his tears again and again.


  2. anderson

    I had to turn off the Fl/FSU game this eve because I was getting sick of the CBS announcers and their constant promotion of Tebow for the Heisman. It was nauseating. I was wondering if anyone else noticed the blatant promotion of Tebow.