Georgia’s road to the MNC

Please keep in mind that my tongue is so firmly planted in my cheek as I type this that I look like I’m suffering from an asymmetric case of the mumps.

Anyway, courtesy of The General at Gunslingers, here’s the scenario:

  • USC and/or Arizona beats ASU.
  • Kentucky beats Tennessee.
  • Georgia beats Tech.
  • Winner of Kansas/Missouri loses Big XII Championship.
  • UConn and/or Pitt beats WVU.
  • Georgia beats LSU.

Step one, accomplished.


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2 responses to “Georgia’s road to the MNC

  1. Just blogged on this very same thing last night when I was determined to find a way that the stars would align for us. Glad that my seat-of-the-pants analysis was just about spot on. GO DAWGS!


  2. DirkDawggler

    The biggest hiccup I see in your list is for WVU to get knocked off. To bad that game is in Morgantown. And Pitt just plain sucks.

    Right now, I’d be happy as a pig in clover if we get to the SECC game, whip LSU, cause a BCS ruckus and win whatever BCS bowl we get to…thus setting up our run at ultimate glory over the next few years.