Envy and jealousy: Coach O’s obituary

Sunday Morning Quarterback waxes eloquent about the demise of Ed Orgeron:

Ed Orgeron is luckier than he is smart, and he’s not very lucky. Which is the most polite way I know how to express my complete lack of surprise that Orgeron is no longer employed as Ole Miss’ head coach after aggressively giving away a game his team had in the bag Friday – in the bag, against a hated rival, in the fourth quarter – to finish an 0-8 conference season. In the bag, tied up in knots, and beaten repeatedly with heavy sticks until lifeless, up to the point, with a little over twelve minutes left in the game, Oregon stopped the proceedings, untied the bag, and injected Mississippi State and its tens of thousands of cowbell-ringing, previously moribund partisans with an adrenaline shot and an unobstructed view of Coach O’s jugular.

It’s not the sudden firing I don’t understand; it’s why they hired this guy in the first place.

But then again, just like SMQ, I don’t understand how Virginia Tech is ahead of LSU in any of the polls/rankings. Life is full of mysteries, I guess.



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4 responses to “Envy and jealousy: Coach O’s obituary

  1. The vetting process at Ole Miss is obviously not world-class. Orgeron had some pretty shady things in his background that didn’t come to light until after he was hired.

    As for rankings, just for fun, you should put together an eight team bracket – with the SEC, ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, PAC-10 champions – and two at-large teams (which must be champions of the smaller conferences). We can play the games on playstation – and see who should be the real national champion.

    It is disgusting when you even entertain the thought of not wanting to play in your conference championship, because that is one less potential loss – and thus a better pre-season ranking in 2008 – so that when you lose a game in your ridiculously brutal schedule – you can recover easier and maybe, just maybe make the MNC game for 2008.

    Rankings, and the BCS, are an abomination.


  2. Oh, and Notre Dame – can belly up to the Big 10 bar – or they can cut bait.


  3. Orgeron is a walking case of success via blunt force trauma. He would’ve made sense at LSU circa 1996 when they were more desperate. Today, I can’t imagine how a goon like that gets hired at a school like Ole Miss.

    The fun name of the day: Mark Schlabach says Rick Neuheisal is a top candidate for the Ole Miss job. That’s the perfect fit. Rick wears nice sweaters, he’s handsome, superficially bright, shady (but in an in the closet behind closed doors type of way) and rich. The Ole Miss fans will love him.



  4. Gina

    So true. How about the Vols!!!!!