If the regular season’s over, that can mean only one thing.

Yep, fire up the barbie – it’s coaching rumor season!

Start with Brian’s post at MGoBlog about whom Mee-shee-gan has supposedly offered the HC position to. It ain’t Les Miles. Make sure you read the whole thing, especially the “bonus-bonus” at the end.

Then, there’s this article in the Houston Chronicle about who will replace Dennis Franchione at TAMU. And no, “… Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, long rumored to be the front-runner, was not seriously considered for the job, according to a person close to Tuberville.” Does that mean that Jimmy Sexton has already extracted the sweeteners he was hoping to get from the Auburn administration, or he’s holding out for another job for TT? Who knows? Personally, I’m hoping the job goes to Bob Davie, if only to remove one of the most annoying college football commentators from television.

If you’re looking for an overview on the head coaching shuffle, Coaches Hot Seat Blog, which currently lists Mark Richt as the fourth safest head coach in America, is as good a place to start as any.


UPDATE: It wouldn’t be a complete coaching rumor blog post without the latest Dienhart take on the situation. It looks like he’s done his usual “do diligence”. Apparently his spell checker didn’t catch that one. Oops.


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  1. peacedog

    Mike Sherman to TAMU. I’d not be happy with that if I was a TAMU alumnus, but I could be convinced otherwise.