Georgia’s road to the MNC, part deux

As Georgia Tech recedes in the rear view mirror of our minds, let’s turn to the Dawgs’ admittedly fading chances to play in the BCS title game.

Not enough went Georgia’s way last week, starting with what happened in the SEC, as LSU lost and Tennessee won.  West Virginia’s big win over Connecticut didn’t help, either.

Anyway, here’s a list of the key games this week and their point spreads, courtesy of The Wizard of Odds:

  • Oklahoma -3.5 vs. Missouri (Big XII championship game)
  • Pittsburgh +28.5 @ West Virginia
  • UCLA +19.5 @ Southern Cal
  • Arizona +7 @ Arizona State
  • Washington +13.5 @ Hawaii
  • Virginia Tech -4.5 vs. Boston College (ACC championship game)
  • Tennessee +7.5 vs. LSU (SEC championship game)

I’m a little surprised at the size of the line in the Hawaii game – Washington beat Boise State worse than the Warriors did – and maybe the SECCG’s a little, too.

But I expect WVU to blow the doors off of Dave Wannstedt’s mustache, so this is all pretty much a moot exercise at this point when you get down to it.  It was a nice dream while it lasted, though.


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