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Mommy, please make that man stop saying dumb things.

Is there a reality TV show I’m missing these days? Something where a bunch of sports pundits compete to produce the stupidest column, maybe?

Because that’s the only reason I can come up with to explain this steaming pile of refuse that the WaPo’s John Feinstein came up with yesterday. I’m amazed that someone can write something objecting to the now infamous Nick Saban comments about Alabama’s loss to Louisiana-Monroe that I object to.

I found Saban’s remarks obnoxious, mainly because I have a hard time categorizing any football loss as a catastrophe. Major embarrassment, sure… but nobody’s house burned down, nobody lost their life’s savings and nobody’s kid got arrested for murder. For Saban to elevate the loss so is pompous and played to the ego of the ‘Bama fan base. He deserves to be slapped for that.

But even so, we ain’t close to being in the ballpark where Feinstein sits his ass.

… A couple of months ago the right wing media become apoplectic when a liberal organization took out an ad criticizing the leader of the American forces in Iraq. How, they screamed, can you be critical of the man who represents the men and women who are putting themselves in danger every day in Iraq?

Where are those people right now? Why aren’t they screaming about a football coach comparing lost football games to thousands of lost LIVES? Where is the perspective?

An excellent question, John… ohhhh, you meant “those people”, not yourself. Never mind, then.

Here’s his perspective:

… Okay, let’s just say this: NO ONE should be allowed to mention catastrophes in which thousands of people died when talking about football — or any sport. Not ever. And certainly not someone who is working at what is supposed to be an institution of higher learning. What kind of message is he sending to his players? If he makes a comment like this in public, what in the world is he saying to his players behind closed doors?

Feinstein believes that Saban’s words justify, if not actually being fired, at least a serious discussion from the Alabama President’s office about him being fired. This is one man’s PC sensibilities run amok. Jeez, if we’re going to start firing people for making incredibly dumb statements in public, we’ll double the unemployment rate overnight. Even pundits might suffer!

I can’t believe that I just typed several paragraphs defending Nick Saban. Sort of, anyway. Eew.

The best part of Feinstein’s article comes near the end, where he’s moved on to attack the current bowl system – particularly the minor bowls, which by the way, the hosts, the visitors and ESPN are generally pretty happy with. But not our boy John, of course.

What’s rich, though, is after bashing the wingnuts for not losing their minds over Saban’s stupid war analogy, Feinstein goes on to make the same kind of comparison. Check this out:

Doing all this would, unfortunately take some leadership. There’s none in the NCAA where Myles Brand hides under his desk every time talk of a playoff comes up. There’s certainly none among the college presidents. So, this lousy unfair system will continue — sort of like the war in Iraq — with no end in sight.

What’s most frustrating is that everyone always has excuses; everyone has reasons why change won’t work. Nothing is perfect in the world but just because you can’t achieve perfection doesn’t mean you don’t try to get better. The other day during a discussion of the war someone said, “Well, if you started today, it would take a year to get our troops safely home,” as if that was a reason the war can’t end, instead of saying, “let’s start today.”

I ask you all – where’s the outrage?

My head hurts.

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“We still got this.”

Here’s a nice field level look at the Tech game, complete with delusional Jacket fans.

The blocking on Thomas Brown’s TD run is simply outstanding.

(h/t Hobnail Boot @DawgRun.com)


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Boomer Buckeye

Jason and the guys at Eleven Warriors have shifted allegiances this week.

If I thought Pitt had even the proverbial snowball’s chance, I’d likely do something similar at GTP. Alas, there will be no sighting of Wannstedt’s mustache here.

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Les Miles has the best team in the country… for 60 minutes.

AOL Fanhouse’s Charles Rich absolutely nails Les Miles’ idiotic comment about how good his team’s season has been.

The thing is, I’m not sure that’s the dumbest remark Miles made at his weekly presser. Here’s what he said about Darren McFadden and the Tiger defense:

The Arkansas game in certain personnel, they didn’t have a chance. When they got to the running back personnel and started using (Darren) McFadden like they did, I have to admit they had us. Even when we could get an extra guy to the play, we still couldn’t make the tackle. That is Arkansas. I think it is unrealistic to look at a defense and think that they will hold them to 250 yards…

“They had us”? It’s “unrealistic” to hold Arky to 250 rushing yards? Jeebus. It happened in a third of the games Arkansas played this year.

Auburn held McFadden to 43 yards and the Arky rushing attack to a total of 67 yards. Tennessee only allowed 151 yards on the ground by the Hogs. Arkansas was held under 250 yards rushing in two other contests this season.

But not by LSU, which, by the way, is ranked higher in rushing defense than any of the teams that held Arky under that magical yardage figure that White Cap conceded. I’m impressed.

Toss in the fact that he’s already doing a little anti-Georgia lobbying on the BCS title game (not that it’s going to matter), and Miles has made me a Tennessee fan this week. You know, that Phil Fulmer fella’s not a bad looking guy…


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Georgia Tech lies and cheats.

Like we didn’t know that already.

Here’s all it takes to get thrown out of a game for flagrant clipping:

What’s a little thing like a right knee between friendly rivals?


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A. J. Green is coming for your footballs

Normally, I don’t like to dwell on Georgia’s verbals here, as I’m a “get ’em in the barn first” kind of person, but I have to admit to getting a little excited about the prospect of WR A. J. Green suiting up in the Red and Black.


(h/t Swains @ Online Athens Football Forum)


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