Georgia Tech lies and cheats.

Like we didn’t know that already.

Here’s all it takes to get thrown out of a game for flagrant clipping:

What’s a little thing like a right knee between friendly rivals?


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5 responses to “Georgia Tech lies and cheats.

  1. Joe

    Wow, the first time I watched it I was thinking that it was not on purpose. Looked at it again, and it definetly was.


  2. Dahlete

    Who was clipped and are they seriously injured? Typical nerd loser crap.


  3. I think it’s Brandon Miller. Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt on the play.


  4. tangweasel

    Someone should post the tackle on the opening kickoff. If a UGA player had acted like the Tech tackler, he would’ve been flagged or even tossed. All the ref did there, was run up and tell the Tech player to cool it


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