Les Miles has the best team in the country… for 60 minutes.

AOL Fanhouse’s Charles Rich absolutely nails Les Miles’ idiotic comment about how good his team’s season has been.

The thing is, I’m not sure that’s the dumbest remark Miles made at his weekly presser. Here’s what he said about Darren McFadden and the Tiger defense:

The Arkansas game in certain personnel, they didn’t have a chance. When they got to the running back personnel and started using (Darren) McFadden like they did, I have to admit they had us. Even when we could get an extra guy to the play, we still couldn’t make the tackle. That is Arkansas. I think it is unrealistic to look at a defense and think that they will hold them to 250 yards…

“They had us”? It’s “unrealistic” to hold Arky to 250 rushing yards? Jeebus. It happened in a third of the games Arkansas played this year.

Auburn held McFadden to 43 yards and the Arky rushing attack to a total of 67 yards. Tennessee only allowed 151 yards on the ground by the Hogs. Arkansas was held under 250 yards rushing in two other contests this season.

But not by LSU, which, by the way, is ranked higher in rushing defense than any of the teams that held Arky under that magical yardage figure that White Cap conceded. I’m impressed.

Toss in the fact that he’s already doing a little anti-Georgia lobbying on the BCS title game (not that it’s going to matter), and Miles has made me a Tennessee fan this week. You know, that Phil Fulmer fella’s not a bad looking guy…


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3 responses to “Les Miles has the best team in the country… for 60 minutes.

  1. ActuaryDawg

    Did he say “The Arkansas game in certain personnel…” or “The R-Kansas game in certain personnel…”? Just wondering.


  2. TripleR

    Les Miles is a bonehead but I wouldn’t root for Tennessee under any circumstance. Go Dawgs!


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