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Verle Sorgen, tempted.

Mr. “It Wasn’t That Egregious” weighs in on whether he would have overruled the call on the field if The Play had occurred in the era of instant replay.

His conclusion?

“I would be tempted to reverse it,” Sorgen claimed, “then go out and get the motor running in my car.”

The man has a true flair for the train wreck.



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I bet this would be fun.

Rick Neuheisel to Georgia Tech.  Really?

Let the insect rationalization commence.

His hiring sure would be a godsend for Dawg bloggers, too.  As Paul Westerdawg notes

I mean seriously. If you’re going to get mad when we say Tech Lies and Cheats, don’t go out and hire a two or three time NCAA offender. That’s just like shooting fish in a barrel.

That’s the look of a man who had three of his bracket picks make the Final Four…


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Drop Kick Me Jesus Through The Goalposts Of Life

Ah, yes – Clemmins football, church and the ACLU.  Now that’s a heady mix.

You get the feeling that no matter how this one turns out, it won’t be good.


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It’s not like I split the atom, but…

Get The Picture is one year old today. Woo hoo!

Let’s face it – starting a blog is a semi-masturbatory exercise at best. To find that people develop an interest in what I write has been a constant source of amazement and delight for me.

Each comment here, each link to GTP at other message boards and blogs, shoot, each one of the over 200,000 visits here is appreciated more than you may realize. To everyone in the non-spammer universe who’s made contact with my blog in one form or fashion in the past year, you have my undying gratitude.

What I thought I’d do with the rest of this post is to take a look back at some of the highs and lows from the past year:

  • Best player I’ve seen. Darren McFadden, from a talent standpoint. Reggie Ball, from a “thank you for giving me something to write about” standpoint.
  • Best one liner. Jim Donnan’s description of last year’s ACC Championship Game – “The World’s Smallest Outdoor Cocktail Party” – is hard to beat.
  • Best article on the bowls. This article in The San Diego Union-Tribune about the economics of the bowl games was a must read.
  • The smartest thing Mark Richt has said in the last year. He gets it, of course.
  • Getting off on the right foot. Coach Searels nailed a 50 yarder at his first press conference. He hasn’t missed since.
  • Best press conference prop. This sure beat pulling out baseball caps.
  • Damn, son, I don’t think I would have said that. Clifton Geathers may want to rethink his position on the current status of the Georgia and South Carolina programs.
  • The dumbest blog post about Georgia football. “Now, I’m not a Georgia fan…”
  • The dumbest letter written about Georgia football. Is there any doubt about this one? At first, I was going to say nothing else was even close, but then I realized that wasn’t the case.
  • The dumbest media piece about Georgia football. Matt Zemek’s novella about… well, I’m not exactly sure what it was about. But he invoked Gandhi!
  • Best quote from a non-football coach. I’m still waiting for the t-shirt.
  • Gators, Gators…. Talk about your self-fulfilling prophecies.
  • Crappiest punditry. Dennis Dodd gets caught with his pants down.
  • Most embarrassing lead to a Terence Moore piece. Evah.
  • Marketing concept of the year. I wonder how many ‘Bama fans tried.
  • A (photoshopped) picture is worth a thousand words. There’s something about a man in jorts, I suppose.
  • Saddest story of 2007. Whenever it happens, he will be missed.
  • My favorite prediction of 2007. I told you!
  • The dumbest thing Stewart Mandel wrote this year. It was a tough choice, but I’m at peace with my selection.
  • Best play call of the year. Gotta love it when announcers lose their shit. Totally.
  • Worst play call of the year. Sometimes you can’t tell the players with a scorecard.
  • Crankin’ that. Who knew what this would lead to?

I started this blog as the 2006 season was heading to a peak and at the time I couldn’t help but wonder what I’d have to blog about in the dog days of June and July. But that’s the great thing about this shared passion of ours that is college football – there’s always something of interest going on. I hope the next twelve months are as much fun as the last twelve have been.

Again, many thanks to all of you.


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