I bet this would be fun.

Rick Neuheisel to Georgia Tech.  Really?

Let the insect rationalization commence.

His hiring sure would be a godsend for Dawg bloggers, too.  As Paul Westerdawg notes

I mean seriously. If you’re going to get mad when we say Tech Lies and Cheats, don’t go out and hire a two or three time NCAA offender. That’s just like shooting fish in a barrel.

That’s the look of a man who had three of his bracket picks make the Final Four…


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3 responses to “I bet this would be fun.

  1. kckd

    If no one feels their rights are being violated, the ALCU should not be allowed to bring this to a court at all. There has not been one complaint.


  2. Bugs thinking:

    “I’m betting the truth is somewhere between the honest guy [Neuheisel] in trouble over eagerness and the slick cheat who never saw a rule he wouldn’t bend.”



  3. DogKicker

    Lies and Cheats? Oh, hell yes, it’s the BIG
    plantation which raises illicit products such as athletes who cannot read from a grade five basil reader, nor speak in a fluent tongue.

    It’s UGA!!!!!