The SEC West is gettin’ downright incestuous.

Weird thought of the morning: if in fact these Tuberville to Arkansas rumors turn out to be true, the current group of head coaches in the SEC West will have been head coaches at four other schools in the division, as Tuberville’s pulled the trick at two other stops in the West.

No wonder all these folks hate each other.

Which means that if Les Miles leaves for Michigan next week, LSU only has one choice for his replacement. You guessed it:

Sylvester Croom, living the dream…


UPDATE: Sunday Morning Quarterback’s take on the coach rumor mongering is great. An Envy & Jealousy moment here:

Ongoing joke of the day on Southern Miss boards: if you can dream it, there’s a South Carolina TV station that can confirm it. Probably an Arkansas TV station, too.


UPDATE #3: Reporterspeak for “I don’t have a frickin’ clue”: Reliable but conflicting sources…



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3 responses to “The SEC West is gettin’ downright incestuous.

  1. My wife graduated from Stark-patch U – er, Mississippi State.

    Personally, I think the Croomster is one heck of a coach. A large step up from Sherrill.


  2. The bulls around MSU feel safer, that’s for sure. 😉


  3. SonuvaDawg

    There’s a Saban (back) to LSU rumor floating around some of the LSU blogs. Wouldn’t THAT be interesting?