Excuse me for a minute while I get my stories straight.

Dennis Dodd, on the BCS/playoff debate, November 30, 2007:

I never was necessarily a playoff guy. BCS either. If that’s fence-sitting then that explains why my backside was so sore.

Ha, ha.

Dennis Dodd, on the same subject, April 12, 2007:

From: Joyce

Absolutely LOVE the idea of scrapping the BCS and turning the playoffs over to a corporation! IMO, the idea would actually bring in MORE money than the present bowl system–because of the HUGE NATIONAL interest it would bring.

You could keep the bowls like they are now–but have three or four host the playoffs each year. It seems like that would pay HUGE dividends money!! Please do whatever you can to promote and advertise this idea!!

Playoff Honk:

I already have. [Emphasis added.] Dr. Machen wanted the numbers of television executives to contact about his idea. When I got home from the Final Four, I forwarded those to him.

It looks like he needs to come up with another theory as to why his derriere hurts.


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