Mike Slive on the BCS status quo

Mike Slive sat down for a Q & A session with the AJ-C’s Tony Barnhart.  Slive is both the SEC commissioner and the BCS coordinator.

Here’s the gist of what Slive had to say about the D-1 postseason:

  1. There will be no uniformity among the conferences as to how each determines a champion.
  2. In order to accommodate the relationships between the bowls and the conferences, the rule permitting no more than two schools from a given conference to participate in a BCS game will remain intact.
  3. The presidents have zero interest in an eight or sixteen school playoff.  (It’s interesting to note that Slive said nothing about their position on a four team playoff, though.)
  4. Because of Auburn 2004, there is some sentiment to explore the possibility of a “plus-one” game after 2010.  The big issue would seem to be if the top four teams in the postseason would be seeded leading into the “plus-one” game.

In essence, the powers that be are happy with the current setup, other than what happened to 13-0 Auburn.  The craziness of this year doesn’t seem to have any impact on their thinking.  If you want to sum it all up in one quote, here’s Slive:

When Auburn was left out, the question I raised then, and still raise now, is this: “Are one and two enough?” If it’s not enough, what can we do to improve the BCS within the framework the presidents have given us? We have to protect the regular season because it is the best of any sport. We have to protect the bowl structure because it has been very good to college football. And we can’t go into the next semester. Can we do all that and improve on what we have?



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3 responses to “Mike Slive on the BCS status quo

  1. Ally

    I’ve been so resistant of any kind of playoff scenario, but a “plus-one” game is growing on me. I had no idea that’s been an idea tossed around since Auburn 2004. Good on ’em.


  2. If a team can go undefeated in the SEC like Auburn (War Eagle) and get left out of the title game it should have changed then. Now who can tell who is 1 & 2 this year. No one. week to week it changes. A playoff makes losing really cost a team. Instead of dropping a few spots on the whim of the voters / computers, they go home.


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