The earth just shifted on its axis.

Despite the worst intentions/incompetence of the Big East refs, Pitt pulls the upset, in one of the ugliest games of the year, 13-9.

Ohio State… is in.

The Dawgs?


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  1. No way. No way that just happened.

    I should have pulled for Tennessee. Doh – I hate orange.


  2. Crazy, crazy season. The BCS is broken.


  3. DirkDawggler

    We just had snow in south Florida. There was a hurricane in Kansas. Osama just found Jesus.

    Yes, the BCS is broken. We’re just the school to fix it.

    By the way…the WVU band spelled “BCS” during halftime. That’s is truly tempting the wrath of an angry God.


  4. Herbstreit and Musberger are already pumping the LSU nod.


  5. Spence

    if it’s so damn great that LSU didn’t lose a game in regulation, shouldn’t they be counted off for having to win some games in overtime? If overtime mitigates a loss, it should mitigate a win. Thus they are 10-2 with some real spotty marks.

    If LSU jumps us, then I’m sick this happened. I’d rather WVU and Mizzou won.


  6. Herbstreit and Musberger are already pumping the LSU nod.

    Pumping or pimping? 😉


  7. Lil’ of both probably.


  8. Spence, let’s get real. Division runner-ups as national champs? The pollsters don’t Kirk and Brent (and by the way Lou and Mark also) to tell them that that doesn’t make sense. Michigan got leapfrogged last year when they were idle and Florida won the SEC. That’s exactly what’s going to happen this year with UGA and LSU. You honestly thing the Dawgs are going to back their way in while sitting on their asses, while LSU was taking care of business and winning our conference?

    The Good news is your going to New Orleans, but the bad news is that it will be a week early.


  9. kckd

    LOL, Henry

    while the Dawgs were winning six straight and the last five by double digits, including two teams LSU struggled with, losing one and beating the other on a last second TD, LSU lost two games including their final one in OT.


  10. Spence

    Ok, couple of points:

    1. Those that think UGA should get jumped for the sake of BCS posterity – ie that a conference champion should represent the conference or the BCS will have flaws- are hypocritical. Either you like the BCS or you don’t. If you do, then UGA, who was #4 last week, should by all logic be #2 next week. If you don’t like the BCS, your argument is that there should be some sort of playoff, ie the best teams AT THE END OF THE YEAR should play it out on the field. Well, if that’s the case, then let’s look at the body of work from the end of the season. UGA beats UF, AU, GT, Kentucky (who beat LSU) and Troy. If you really want to be true to a playoff model, IE that the hottest teams should benefit, then there is no argument that UGA is better than LSU.

    2. 2003. Where was the outrage then?

    3. Overtime “ties” – see above post.

    4. Early season losses – We, a team starting 3 on the O-line, lost to the Cocks early, then got beat away in Knoxville. Historical logic in football has been to not punish teams for early season losses, yet all the sudden LSU’s end of season losses are forgivable. We beat UK late, LSUeaux lost to them late. But all the sudden this traditional logic is out the window.

    5. The BCS is just fine. It was fine last week when we were 4. Now all the sudden LSU’s ground breaking win over UT has everyone thinking that LSU is suddenly better? Really? Really? Does anyone really believe that LSU is a better team than the Dawgs right now? Really? NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. It’s just some strange moral twinge and stupid logic that is going to make some voters claim that they don’t want a non-conference champ playing in the big game (despite the fact it’s already happened). It’s group-think, and it’s dumb.

    Respond to those in kind, if you’re not too busy crying about McFadden, Henry.


  11. John

    From the website of the Anderson and Hatcher College Football Computer Rankings (A BCS component poll):

    “What are the Bulldogs’ chances of holding off Virginia Tech and LSU? Virginia Tech would actually become more of a threat if LSU loses; otherwise, most poll voters will think twice about ranking, or about continuing to rank, the 2-loss Hokies above a 2-loss Tigers team that pummeled them. On the other hand, if LSU loses, then all of the SEC support will go to Georgia. In either event, Virginia Tech has a shot of catching Georgia, but I don’t think it’s a good one, and the Hokies would probably have to beat Boston College in very impressive fashion to be much of a threat. LSU is the greater threat. In terms of holding off the Tigers, it would presumably be best for Georgia if (1) Virginia Tech beats Boston College (thereby keeping LSU from rising by attrition) and (2) LSU doesn’t rout Tennessee. If either of those two things goes the Bulldogs’ way, I like their chances; if neither does, I like the Tigers’ chances.”

    Read that last part carefully Dawg fans…it provides a glimmer of hope!


  12. Division runner-ups as national champs?

    Henry, show me the rule that says that can’t be.

    One question for you: do you think Georgia would beat LSU on a neutral field right now?


  13. CLTDawg

    There will never be a conference champ only rule for the BCS. Otherwise, Notre Dame could go undefeated, beat everyone by 50, and not be allowed to play in the title game. For that reason alone, that rule will never be there.

    Yeah, it sucks that we were probably one play away. But we’re still going to NOLA, and that’s a hell of a good time.

    Not to mention – how great a motivator will our “getting screwed out of the big game” be for the boys in the offseason & next year? I think this may end up working in our favor after all.