Some people can’t take a joke.

This billboard message was taken down after a mere three days.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


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2 responses to “Some people can’t take a joke.

  1. Dear Senator,

    As a devoted Dawg fan wanting to find the silver lining we must destroy Hawaii. The black jerseys will be nice, but be prepared for a determined Warrior team playing above it’s talent level. Follow this link to learn about the “Haka”, a traditional Polynesian war dance that they will perform, with super-duper fawning and adoration from the network, before the game ( Coach, if the team could learn a response chant you guys will roll and might just be the rabbit in the hat. Go Dawgs.


  2. doc, if Georgia comes in focused, they should win by at least 2 TDs.

    The line opened at 8.5 and quickly moved to 11.5, by the way.