Sometimes righteous indignation can be very funny.

This is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the best “pot, meet kettle” blog post of the year.   It’s so over the top, it verges on parody.

His premise is simple:  Hawaii deserves to be in the BCS title game ahead of LSU because teams in the SEC don’t play any schools of note.

Please, as you absorb this, let me refer you back to Hawaii’s (119th nationally ranked SOS) list of opponents for the 2007 season:

  • Northern Colorado
  • Louisiana Tech
  • UNLV
  • Charleston Southern
  • Idaho
  • Utah State
  • San Jose State
  • New Mexico State
  • Fresno State
  • Nevada
  • Boise State
  • Washington

Is there a team in the BCS top 10 that doesn’t race through that group 12-0?  Hell, for that matter, don’t the two teams that LSU lost to go undefeated against that bunch?

Then, again, maybe that just doesn’t matter.

The truth is, Hawaii deserves to play for the national championship and LSU really has no argument. Sure, you could reason that LSU is the better team, but this isn’t about that.

The truth?  We can’t handle the truth!


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13 responses to “Sometimes righteous indignation can be very funny.

  1. peacedog

    And thus, a microcosm of why the internet imparts a mixed blessing on we the people of earth.

    The good – it gives the everyman a way to reach out and interact with a greater variety of people than ever before, and also to experience new ideas and concepts.

    The bad – critical thinking, reasoning, and the ability to perform abstract logical analysis are skills that are in short supply, and there are no requirements for any of them for people to use the internet as a platform.


  2. It’s not like this guy is some random blogger with a site (not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉 ). He’s a regular at FanHouse. Don’t they have some sort of an editorial process over there?

    If not, they should think about one.


  3. Tenn_Dawg

    LOL…..I think that UH went to overtime with two of those teams. I liked what someone on the Athens foreum said..”This game against UH is like fighting a girl. If you win you should have and if you lose then you just got beat by a girl.”

    I am just praying that Georgia takes this game seriously and plays inspired tough SEC football. The fans of SEC rivals would eat us alive on the blogs if Georgia losses this game.


  4. munsons_call

    I read this earlier and started to reply back to this bozo. Then I realized it was a waste of time to argue with someone this ignorant and lazy. Who makes statements like these without checking to make sure what they state isn’t complete garbage? The SEC doesn’t play anyone? He uses Arkansas getting blasted by USC in previous seasons to strengthen his arguement by saying when we do we lose but then only uses games from this year as examples of SEC out of conference opponents that the SEC has won. Nevermind the UF vs. OSU matchup from last year or the LSU vs VT match up this year that he discards. He conveniently states that UT got blasted by Cal this year but leaves out that the Vols destroyed them last year. Besides USC and UT can any conference boast of Mega-nonconfernce matchups consistently?


  5. peacedog

    I definately think we’re in for a game. But the position is no less outlandish. And if he’s just doing it to draw attention to Hawaii, there are better ways.

    Blutarsky, I much prefer him being called out by various other bloggers to an editorial review that somehow won’t meet my own standards or entertain me.


  6. “Sure, you could reason that LSU is the better team, but this isn’t about that.”

    Jesus Christ. Words fail me.

    Yeah, let’s just throw out a team’s actual talent when deciding who should play in the national title game. By his reasoning, Southern Methodist and Utah State both have a beef that they didn’t get invited.


  7. Based on their track record in selecting some of their bloggers…no I would say there’s not much of a review process.

    Brian Cook, Nathan Fowler, John Radcliff and the UT guy who’s name escapes me all do a pretty good job.

    But the dude they had covering UGA last year was as embarrassing as this guy for Hawaii. It got to the point where I couldn’t link to the kid because it would only draw more attention to his stupidity.

    BTW — re: Hawaii. I wrote this pre season.



  8. The strangest thing about this guy’s post is that it’s the only football piece he’s put up at AOL FanHouse in months. Other than that, he blogs about mid-major basketball out west.

    So I’ve got to think this came from the heart. Which means he could care less what the rest of us think about it.


  9. Paul, I hope after writing that, you booked a trip to Vegas to get a bet down. 😉


  10. peacedog

    Hey, I’m going to throw something out there: he’s attempting to combine sarcasm and satire (re: UGA’s opponent is a joke! meme). I’ll re-read his post later and decide if that’s at all applicable.


  11. Duke = 1 road win over a BCS conference school
    Hawai’i = 0


  12. Brian

    Unfortunately, completely baseless arguments aren’t limited to the internet. I hear this same exact claim from the DJ’s on one of the Atlanta radio stations every morning. To demonstrate how knowledgeable they are about football, one referred to UT’s coach as Tubber the other day. 😉


  13. masivatack

    I know his post probably doesn’t merit a response but this was mine:

    The SEC has a .582 winning percentage versus the Big 10.

    The SEC has a .508 winning percentage versus the Big 12 & Big 8.

    The SEC has a .678 winning percentage versus the ACC.

    The SEC has a .615 winning percentage versus the Pac 10.

    The SEC has a .855 winning percentage versus the (chuckle) WACk.
    That one was just to make a point. Not really something to be proud of.

    I’m not even gonna get into the Sunbelt Conference, although I should.

    The only teams to have a winning record against the SEC are:

    The Big East (Huh?!?!): 17 – 13 (.567)

    The Ivy League (Ditto?!?!): 13 – 12 (.520 WP)

    Very Small Sample sizes compared to the 245-114-10 record against the ACC, 59-36-5 against the Pac Ten, 60-58-6 Against the Big 12 & Big 8, 63-45-2 against the Big 10 and (lol!) 53-9 against the WACk.

    So… Please… Tell Me how a conference that is 510-287-23 against all these other conferences is not the best. I would love to hear you explain that.

    I pulled all of this info from like 5 different sites so there may be a descrepancy here or there, but nothing that should disprove my point.