Only one freshman on the ’07 All-SEC first team…

and he ain’t Eric Berry, sucka.

Georgia finished the regular season 10-2 and fourth in the country in the polls.  The Dawgs have three players combined on the first and second All-SEC teams.  The only schools in the conference with fewer are Auburn and Mississippi.

That’s a pretty good coaching job in my book.



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6 responses to “Only one freshman on the ’07 All-SEC first team…

  1. Frank

    Anybody notice how far off base Howard Snellenberger’s ballot was? I know each person can have their own opinion, but like 5 or 6 of his picks are WAY off from the other coaches..

    Kansas at 2
    USC at 12
    Hawaii at 3
    Florida at 21
    Boise at 12
    Seriously Howard?

    A few other notes:

    -Bob Stoops is a complete homer with an agenda. I would’ve expected something like that out of Miles
    -It seems as though most coaches are way biased towards their conferences (i.e Houston Nutt has UF at 5, while Rich Rodriguez has Cincy at 16)
    -The coaches poll appears entirely too subjective (a coach can have his $3 million salary riding on it, so why not vote like Stoops did) to use as a guide for the national championship
    -Oh, and Herbstreit is a complete hypocrite

    Thoughts, Senator?


  2. Personally, I think they ought to abolish the coaches poll.


  3. Frank

    Big gulps, eh? Well, see ya later.


  4. ac

    What say you Dink?


  5. LD

    Here’s an interesting quirk to the All-SEC teams:

    8 players from the state of Georgia made first or second team All-SEC.

    Only one of those players (Fernando Velasco) plays for Georgia.

    2 Vols, 2 Cocks, a Bizarro Bulldog, a Wildcat, and a Hog (who originally signed with Georgia).

    We do an excellent job of recruiting our state, but there’s still talent slipping away.


  6. peacedog

    Yeah, but there’s always going to be talent that gets away.

    Also, a couple of these kids were ours at one point, but either waffled in recruiting (Brown, who was only ours after waffling once himself) or were denied admission via external factors (Grant). There are some misses, of course. Some of them look like they were deep sleepers, though.