It doesn’t get any easier.

If the reports are true, Arky is set to hire Jim Grobe as its next head coach. That’s a fine move. Grobe is a guy that’s taken one of the most abysmal programs in the country to a BCS game and a conference title. What he might be able to do at a program that has some actual resources is interesting to contemplate.

My only advice for him would be to make sure that he doesn’t use a cell phone paid for by his employer.

So the net for the conference in terms of head coaching talent has been to swap Orgeron for Grobe. Pretty impressive.


UPDATE: On second thought, never mind. (h/t EDSBS)


UPDATE #2:  Maybe it’s part of a secret plan to bankrupt the ACC.



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5 responses to “It doesn’t get any easier.

  1. Just read a few of the comments to that blog post. Man – talk about ridiculous expectations. Grobe is a superb coach. Those pigs just don’t have any idea what kind of school Wake Forest is – I mean, do they even have 1,000 students??


  2. Wake has an enrollment of about 6,500 students, which, if I recall, makes it one of the five smallest schools in D-1.

    Arky’s enrollment, for comparison’s sake, is around 16,000.


  3. Ally

    Wow – this came out of nowhere for me. I had no idea they were interviewing Grobe.
    Great hire for the Hogs. Frankly, I think he’ll have much more success than Tommy Bowden.


  4. Ally

    Just got a text from a friend – said ESPN is reporting Grobe turned down the Hogs. Wow, this really is turning into a daytime drama.


  5. I think he read my first comment above.