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Maybe there weren’t any couches handy.

West Virginia fans didn’t take too kindly to kicker Pat McAfee missing a couple of field goals in the loss to Pitt.

Coach Rich Rodriguez declined to criticize West Virginia fans or address the issue after it was revealed Wednesday that his Pittsburgh-area kicker, Pat McAfee of Plum, had his car vandalized and received death threats following Pitt’s Backyard Brawl upset…

You stay classy, ‘eers fans.

(h/t AOL FanHouse)


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My hero

Travis Fain draws blood.

Seriously, these Islander folks seem a tad sensitive – which should be more grist for the mill of every Georgia blogger out there.

For example…

It’s a little known fact that Brennan adapted this hair style so his right guard wouldn’t get lost.


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Jackets, gird your loins.

So, how’s that coaching search on the Flats going?

Facing being outbid on a coaching candidate by Duke as well as contemplating the hiring of Tater Tot (at least there’s no pesky buyout!) … well, that’s Chantastic.


UPDATE: Maybe it was the Tater Tot threat that brought everyone on the Flats to their senses, but Tony Barnhart is reporting that a deal with Navy coach Paul Johnson is all but done. He’s an excellent choice for Tech, if that’s the case.

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Next year’s WLOCP…

is going to be intense.

… This year’s Florida-Georgia game did several things to the series.  For one thing it made the game a rivalry again.  Georgia’s coach Mark Richt also turned the game into a much more personal event with the celebration display after Georgia’s first touchdown.  This will long be remembered by Gator fans and coaches, coaches who hail from the midwest and never had any vested animosity in this game prior to this year.  While I’m convinced the Bulldogs would have won the game regardless of that celebratory display, the result of that event will be measured on its effect on Georgia’s psyche the rest of the season and in the emotional intensity of future games in the series.

And they mocked me when I posted this.


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