Mark May: speak loudly and carry a big shtick.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody – you can’t count the faux shock of his studio mates – on last night’s ESPN Bowl Mania (yeah, ugh) Mark May picked Hawaii to win the Sugar Bowl.


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5 responses to “Mark May: speak loudly and carry a big shtick.

  1. With both Mark May and Lou Holth on the same program, ESPN has two blatant Georgia haters actively trying to affect public opinion about the Dawgs. This, of course, will not hurt us if we go undefeated next year. But, if there are three teams with one-loss, this could make all the difference with some voters consciously or subliminally.

    I really despise those two. Do any of the other talking heads have such a blantant distaste for any other teams? I have noticed plenty of fellation of teams like tOSU and USC, but I cannot recall a pronounced, repetitive and consistent bias AGAINST other teams. I know we are particularly sensitive to this, since it is our team. But, May goes out of his way to put down Georgia. I reckon it is because we were 1980 National Champs and he felt like his Pitt team should have been. Holth just pulls hard against Georgia because he has too many other SEC allegiances – USC, Ark.

    Just watch next year as we start the season in the top 2 or 3 and see May begin his anti-UGA campaign from the opening bell. He will repeatedly talk about how he doesn’t buy into Georgia being one of the best 2 or 3 teams in the country week after week. We better go undefeated. That is one way to shut he hairy cake hole.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Mark May is a smarmy asshat.

    When one of the other commentators picked UGA as one of his 3 lock picks, May said ‘I like those picks.’ Follow the ESPN script, Mark.


  3. Ally

    What really makes me laugh my ass off is listening to this moron’s love affair with Florida’s “high-powered offense” and “super-human QB” and how they will be unstopable against Michigan.

    And in the very next breath he throws us under the bus and declares a Hawaii win.

    Did someone forget to tell him how Georgia beat the snot out of Tebows gigantic nose all day, and embarrassed the gaytors at the wlocp?

    If we can be the SEC sack leaders & get through the O-lines of Auburn, Florida, Kentucky, etc. then the rainbow warriors shouldn’t be a problem. Unless of course Colt can throw while on his back.

    Mark May is an idiot wrapped in a moron.


  4. dean

    Yes, Mark May(day) is a major tool but as already mentioned he’s playing the “bad cop” role. And who knows if he’s has an ax to grind with Georgia. I would hope not after almost 30 years.
    At least we we’re worthy of discussion, which is more than can be said about some of our rivals (GT, UT and SC come to mind). We should be thanking Mark May for helping us in recruiting because as the saying goes “any publicity is good publicity”.


  5. Dave

    Mark May has nothing good to say about Ohio State. He rags on them every chance he gets. He rags on every team he doesn’t pick. Eat some crow Mark, I don’t know why he is considered an expert when he is blatantly wrong so often. Picking Hawaii over the Dawgs was just plain dumb.