Loocee, you got some ‘splaining to do.

It’s been interesting to see the disconnect between the season that Georgia has had – 5th in the country, per the BCS – and the evaluation of its talent, as we’ve seen in various all-SEC teams lately.

And now CFN has released its list of the top 30 players regardless of position in the SEC.  Georgia has one player on the list, Moreno at #11.   The only team with a poorer showing is Mississippi State.

Now I will say that any list that ranks Percy Harvin as only the 30th best player in the conference is suspect – does anybody that watched a lot of SEC ball this year honestly think that Jonathan Hefney had a better year than Harvin? – but still, to find that little elite talent on a team that has the second best record in the conference is strange.  LSU, for example, has seven of the top 30.

So which is it here?  Does Georgia simply boast that much more depth than any other school in the conference – there are seven schools with more than one player on CFN’s list that have worse records than Georgia –  or is the Georgia coaching staff doing that much more with its resources than everyone else in the conference?


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5 responses to “Loocee, you got some ‘splaining to do.

  1. I’ll take Option E — CFN is worthless.


  2. It’s certainly a weird list. Half the time it looks like they’re just reading down the season stat list to pick guys, but then you see some choices – who in their right mind would say Arian Foster had a better year than Felix Jones? – that make you wonder what games they were watching this year.

    And I can’t figure out how you justify ranking Matt Flynn ahead of Matt Stafford.


  3. dean

    I would say a little of both.
    I’m not going to say we have that much more depth than any other team in the conference, I don’t know. However I will say we have as much depth as any other team. Even Richt himself says we’ve substituted more this year than any year he’s been here.

    Furthermore I believe we have one of if not the best coaching staff in the country. As evident by our record during the Mark Richt era.

    Although I agree it seems like a little disrespect considering our ranking I really don’t care what the boobs from CFN think. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t football a team sport?


  4. W’s, baby. It’s all about W’s.

    We’ve got great talent – we’ve got better coaches – and they spread the wealth – producing W’s and not a lot of spectacular individual stats.

    But what do I know.


  5. Tripper

    I can’t think of that many guys that had great seasons besides Moreno. Who would you put on the list that didn’t make it? Maybe Bailey?