They’ll always have Appy State.

Wendell Barnhouse, of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, is one of the better college football writers out there.  Today he has an article up that’s a Q&A job he did with a bunch of players that were at the ESPN College Football Awards show.  It’s a good read; those kids are more thoughtful and aware than people may want to give them credit for in many cases.

My favorite part is the last section.  If there’s one theme to this year of college football, it has to be “any given Saturday”.

What was the one game or happening about the 2007 season that was the most surprising?

Glenn Dorsey, LSU defensive tackle: “All the upsets, the ups and downs of the season. There isn’t a dominant team in college football and talent is spread out. You get an underdog team that’s capable, that’s got some players, they can come up and beat you. It’s been a great year for college football.”

Jake Long: “Appalachian State beating us. That stands out. We didn’t see that coming, we didn’t see our season starting that way. That was definitely the shocker for me.”

Chris Long: “The curse of being No. 2 and losing (editor’s note: The No. 2 team lost six times this season). I couldn’t believe how it kept happening right through the final week of the season with West Virginia losing at home to Pitt.”

Cason: “The Oregon game. On the national stage, I got my shot and took advantage of it.” (Cason had a punt return for a touchdown and interception return for a touchdown in Arizona’s 34-24 upset of the second-ranked Ducks.)

McFadden: “Opening week, Michigan losing to Appalachian State. When that happened, I guess it was just foreshadowing what was to come.”

Nelson: “All the top teams losing and I loved it. The parity in college football is great. And a lot of the upsets were pulled off by the road team. That’s what was really surprising.”

Tim Tebow, Florida quarterback: “Starting off the year, Appalachian State beating Michigan. But it kept happening, all the way to the end of the year, Pitt beating West Virginia. Start to finish, that was college football this year.”

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