Earth to Dink: AJ-C claims Richt underpaid

According to this article, the University of Arkansas has agreed to a compensation package for a guy who has signed twenty years’ worth of contracts in the last eighteen months that is approximately $800,000 more per year than the amount currently received by Mark Richt for being the head coach at the University of Georgia.

Let’s take a second to recap, shall we?

  • Number of BCS bowl appearances: Richt, three; Petrino, one.
  • Number of SECCG appearances: Richt, three; Petrino, none. (yeah I know, but so what?)
  • Number of final top 10 appearances: Richt, four; Petrino, two.
  • Record in bowl games: Richt, 4-2; Petrino 2-2.
  • Seasons as head coach: Richt, seven; Petrino, five and thirteen-sixteenths.

So Dink, given all that, if you ever sit down and have your “face to face” meeting with Richt, how do you think he’ll take your proposal to reduce his base salary to $500,000 and control his outside compensation?



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6 responses to “Earth to Dink: AJ-C claims Richt underpaid

  1. SSB Charley

    Senator, one possible correction: didn’t Petrino take Louisville to the Orange Bowl last year where they beat Wake Forest?


  2. Yep – that’s why he’s listed with one BCS appearance.


  3. I’m hoping the silence about a pay raise for Coach Richt means that they have agreed to talk after the Sugar Bowl. I for one believe UGA will do the right thing.


  4. Anthony

    I thought the salaries for college coaches were insane – until I read an editorial from Dink. Dink is proof positive why coaches should demand big money – guaranteed. Lose a bitter game and some ahole cuts you pay and has Bobby Petrino sitting on the tarmac at Ben Epps. Congrats to the Richt family- they are more precious than gold.

    Peace on earth and to hell with Hawaii.


  5. dean

    In addition to Richt, Searles deserves a nice salary increase. He worked damn magic this year with that O-line. And let’s not forget the job Eason did with the receivers this year. Oh and what about Martinez. Only one bad game really. I should also mention Jancek because of the job he did with the young LB’s. How could I not mention Bobo for putting up 40+ points in 3 consecutive games.
    To summerize; yes Richt deserves a raise for managing the overall operation but the assisants deserves to be compensated as well.
    Just saying.


  6. SSB Charley

    Whoops, sorry, misread it.