Phil Steele’s all-SEC picks

If you want to know which players a guy on a constant caffeine buzz parked in front of ten big screen TVs 23-7 (he’s gotta sleep sometime) thinks are the best in the Southeastern Conference, Phil’s got your answers.

Aside from the unexplained decision to list twelve players on offense and ten on defense for each of his four teams, it’s a list that looks like something you’d expect to see coming from a person who’s watched some SEC ball in depth.  He’s certainly more restrained in his love for LSU talent than anyone else I’ve noticed.

And I really like that Geno Atkins pick at 2nd team…



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2 responses to “Phil Steele’s all-SEC picks

  1. Greg

    Brian Mimbs first team punter….glad someone recognized him. That guy had a great year!


  2. dean

    Does anyone know what Harvins receiving stats are? It seems he runs more than he catches. Could just be me though.