The joys of Photoshoppery, and other things

This photo of a Georgia cheerleader has been making the rounds lately:

It’s starting to generate some inspired farking.

Now that I’ve caught your eye, here are a few other random tidbits I thought I’d share…

David Cutcliffe, currently the UT offensive coordinator and the bane of Willie Martinez’ existence, reportedly is on the verge of accepting the head coaching job at Duke (see, online ads work!). The Blue Devils chose Cutcliffe ahead of such other stellar options as recently fired UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell because of one key factor, evidently.

…As for Cutcliffe, he has proven he can succeed as a head coach at a program with inferior financial support and facilities, which will certainly be the case at Duke.

That certainly sounds like the beginning of a bee-you-tee-ful relationship, doesn’t it?

Speaking of offensive coordinators, Tommy Tuberville’s final meeting with Al Borges must have been epic.

…Judging from the stilted language in a statement released Tuesday afternoon (“After speaking with Coach Tuberville for the better part of 20 minutes, it became increasingly clear that Auburn needed a new offensive coordinator”), Borges was not at peace with the decision.

No kidding.

And if you need more proof that Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe is not your average bear, he’s one of the few in his position at a major college who doesn’t have an agent.

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