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Shoot, it’s the run and shoot.

In my first post about Georgia’s Sugar Bowl opponent, I linked to an article or two about the run and shoot offense that is June Jones’ trademark.

Here’s a post at Smart Football that explores a little more how Jones has tweaked the R&S since his pro days and then goes into some detail about a few specific concepts employed in the R&S that are being used in other offensive schemes.  It’s also the first football post I’ve read that quotes Yeats, for what that’s worth.


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Getting a jump on 2008

Georgia hasn’t even played in its bowl game yet, but the AJ-C is priming the pump for next year with this article looking ahead to the Dawgs’ prospects in ’08.

The most interesting part of the article is the comments about two redshirts, Walter Hill and Justin Anderson, both of whom have been wowing their teammates while playing on the scout team.

You might want to check out the AJ-C piece on who the potential starters for Georgia may be next season, if only to see that the paper has already anointed incoming freshman A. J. Green as a starting WR.

And technically, this is a 2008 story, so I’ll mention it here.  Munson will call the Sugar Bowl.   I can’t wait to hear how he handles Polynesian names.


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Just another day in Paradise

As Tennessee gears up for what’s become its typical postseason adventure – the Vols haven’t played in a BCS game since 1999 and have only two bowl wins in seven tries in that time – it sounds like there may be a little uneasiness in the ranks that can only enhance the whole bowl preparation experience.

In this case, things are swirling around wide receivers coach, über recruiter and fashion maven Trooper Taylor, who, true to the recent trend among coaches to leverage job offers from other schools, has taken an offer to become Baylor’s offensive coordinator to his current boss to see what Orange can do for him.

That is what former Vol great Jabari Davis would no doubt refer to as a “business decision”.

In addition to meeting with Fulmer about his future, Taylor evidently has been letting some of the players know what he’s been wrestling with.

“As far as I know, (Taylor) pretty much told us if he gets the offensive coordinator job here, he’d probably stay,” UT receiver Austin Rogers said. “If not, he might go. We’ll know soon.”

Rogers, a former David Lipscomb standout, said it’s frustrating to know that other UT coaches might not be around for the bowl game.

Good for Taylor. Maybe not so good for the players’ mental preparation.

“It is hard because we don’t know if the coaches aren’t going to be here,” Rogers said. “You think, ‘Do they really care about this game if they’re not going to be here next year?’ It’s kind of a distraction in practice, but we’re doing the best we can because we want a win over Wisconsin.”

Not that it’s not having a certain desired effect for Taylor.

Speaking specifically about UT’s receivers, there has been speculation that if Taylor leaves, some Vols might not return next season.

“We don’t know (what coach) is going to be here, and we don’t know if we’re going to like him,” Rogers said. “Some people are talking about transferring. Some people are talking about doing other things. It’s our future, and it’s in the coaches’ hands.”

Chalk it up as another “it does not bode well for the student-athletes who entrust these coaches with their futures” moment.

In case you’re curious, UT is around a three point favorite against Wisconsin, which looks like it will get its stud tailback P.J. Hill back for the bowl game after all.

For Trooper, love is all about the hat, baby.


UPDATE: It didn’t work – Taylor is leaving UT to take the Oklahoma State OC position.

He’s a man, too.

(photo courtesy Knoxville News Sentinel/Amy Smotherman-Burgess)

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