Dennis Dodd’s latest mancrush

All I can figure is that Terry Bowden has the proverbial pictures of Dennis Dodd in a compromising position (ugh).

How does somebody write this with a straight face?

… We’re talking about a sure thing. A guy who comes with a built-in discount. Terry Bowden played at West Virginia. Terry Bowden’s dad coached at West Virginia. Terry Bowden is so West Virginia that he might cop to burning a couch or two as a student. You might have heard of him, Ed. If you haven’t gotten about a thousand calls by now urging his hiring, either the cell towers are down or Terry is pursuing monkhood in Tibet.

Either way, there is no downside to Terry Bowden. The record, sterling: a .669 winning percentage. The personality, winning. The coaching pedigree, impeccable. Seems to us there was an undefeated season at Auburn in 1993…

Seems to me there was a 1-5 season in ’98 when Tater Tot walked out on the program, too, Dennis.

Look, I have no idea whether TB would be a good or bad head coach for WVU. But to say that a guy who’s been out of coaching for a decade is a “sure thing” strikes me as being a bit of a stretch.

And as for there being “no downside”, I bet this Auburn fan would beg to differ.

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One response to “Dennis Dodd’s latest mancrush

  1. Ally

    Please God, let them hire Tater Tot! I’m already rolling on the florr laughing at the mere thought.

    A “sure thing” – LOL!! Truer words were never spoken 😉