He can’t knock the SEC for this one.

I guess Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany has been so involved in his pissing match with Comcast over cable broadcast fees for the Big Ten Network that he didn’t have time to notice that a crew chief of one of his conference’s officiating teams has a bit of a, shall we say, checkered history, including a bankruptcy with over $400,000 of liabilities listing two casinos as creditors.


Now, there’s evidently nothing linking this official to gambling on games, but still, it makes you feel a bit queasy when you observe his crew blow an obvious call in an important game like this…

… especially if you’re a Buckeye fan.

And what does the normally quotable Delany have to say about this mess?

When reached at his home Tuesday, Delany said, “I don’t have any comment on that right now.”


UPDATE: Now that the horse is out of the barn, the Big Ten will do a little more checking.


UPDATE #2:  The story, as Ray Goff might put it, is getting “bettuh and bettuh”.

… But Pamon not only was allowed to work in the Big Ten, the NCAA also cleared him to work bowl games, the highest honor for a college football official. According to Yahoo! Sports, Pamon was an alternate for last year’s Fiesta Bowl and had worked the Sugar, Holiday and Independence Bowls in years past…



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2 responses to “He can’t knock the SEC for this one.

  1. JM

    As far as I can tell, this guy is a royal jerk. He is the man holding up a plus one or any time of playoff. As far as he is concerned, the only thing that matters is the Big 10.


  2. CLTDawg

    There’s a reason why he won’t go for a playoff or a plus one – no big 10 teams would get to the final game. he knows the f’d up BCS is their only hope of getting into a MNC game. No chance he will ever allow that to change.