“That’s the worst sound in football.”

I have no idea when – or even if – South Carolina will ever win the SEC East under Spurrier, but I’ve got to say with the hire of new special teams coach Ray Rychleski from Maryland, the Gamecock coaching staff may very well lead the conference in coaching quotes.

Check these out:

… “I don’t care what anybody says, when anybody takes a new job, they’re not taking a pay cut,” Rychleski said in a phone interview.

… Maryland has not had a punt blocked during Rychleski’s seven-year tenure, the longest active streak in the country.

“Let’s not even talk about that. That gives me the weebie-jeebies,” Rychleski said. “You don’t ever want to hear the double-thump. That’s the worst sound in football.”

… “[Spurrier] said, ‘Ray, I’d like to win a game in special teams,’ “ Rychleski recalled. “I said, ‘Coach, first you have to make sure you don’t lose a game in special teams.’ “

Ah, yes, the old “double-thump”. I’m not sure that’s the worst sound in football, though. What the Old Ball Coach will say to the assistant he’s going to can in the wake of this hire will probably sound worse.


UPDATE:  Well, look what the cat drug in.  Former UGA DC and current coaching nomad Brian VanGorder joins the fun and games in Columbia as the Old Ball Coach’s DC.  Groo’s take on the hiring is spot on – I guess we’ll learn how smart Pollack, Odell and Thomas Davis made BVG look.


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4 responses to ““That’s the worst sound in football.”

  1. Ally

    BVG going to SCUm…now “That’s the worst sound in football.”
    Enjoy him while you got him lamecocks.


  2. dean

    Not to split hairs but it’s the University of South Carolina (USC) not South Carolina Universiy. However you’re spot on in saying enjoy him while you have him. What’s it been 4 jobs in 5 years.

    BVG will have some talent to work with but how is this guy going to get recruits to believe he’s going to be there for 4 years.
    But hey let’s not be bitter. It will be great beating his a$$ next year.


  3. Ally

    Dean – I’m from South Carolina. Lived here since the 5th grade. I know the initials. Those of us that live here, have to put up with their delusional fans, and hate SCUm call it that for a reason. Plus, there’s only one USC, and it sure as hell isn’t in Columbia. But thanks anyways 😉


  4. dean

    Was not trying to insult you just making sure. I also have lived in SC all my life. Actually grew up about 20 minutes from Clem[p]son. Again I also have to put up with their delsional fans year round. Hell I married one. So believe me when I say I feel your pain.