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Art imitates life, or life imitates art…

or something like that.  I had no idea.

I just hope I get to make use of it some time.  For somebody other than Stafford, of course.

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Envy and jealousy: life after Trooper edition

Groo, in the comments to a post at Georgia Sports Blog about Trooper Taylor’s departure for greener pastures at T. Boone Pickens Oklahoma State University, tossed out the one liner of the month:

The Cowboys have traded a Fedora for a backwards ball cap.

I can’t decide if I like the pun or the metaphor better.  Either way, I wish I’d have thought of it.



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Redshirtin’ the red and black

David Ching has got some great stuff posted at his blog about Caleb King and other Georgia freshmen who redshirted this season.  Make sure you check it all out.

With King, it’s apparent that the coaches, players and King himself all believe they’ve caught lightning in a bottle again.  For example, here’s what Richt had to say about CK’s redshirt year and his prospects for ’08:

“Right now, he’s the No. 2 tailback in the spring. You line up, he’s the No. 2 tailback. And you know we’re gonna play more than one back, so he’s gonna have a tremendous opportunity. And he’ll really be ready, you know? Like Knowshon, he was really ready. If we’d have played Knowshon last year, I’m sure he might have broken a couple nice runs here and there, but he might have made a couple MAs that broke down a series here and there. We’d have been scared to play him. He mighta got hit and fumbled. Now, the guy was really ready to play and had a tremendous season.”

And I like this quote from Kelin Johnson about QB Logan Gray:

… Logan’s gonna be real good. He tore us up one practice. He didn’t need anybody out there, he played offense and defense.

Heh.  Even Tebow can’t do that.

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Miles Brand likes the word “probably”…

at least when he’s talking about his support for a “plus-one” format for the BCS.

… The move, if it ever comes, would require an NCAA rules change allowing the championship finalists to play an additional game each season. Schools “would probably vote for it with some reluctance … they probably would agree,” Brand says, weighing in on the issue for the first time. “And I probably would, too.

Really, there’s no new ground in the article.  But there is some interesting data:

… Playoff opponents point to record-breaking interest in the regular season, which they argue would be compromised by a postseason tournament. Attendance at major-college football games averaged 46,459 and will break the record of 46,249 set a year ago. That number has climbed 11 consecutive years.

Television ratings for ESPN and CBS were the highest since 1999, and game viewership on ESPN2 averaged a record 1.027 million households, according to the networks. ABC’s college football viewership, which hit a 10-year high a year ago, dipped 15% to an average of almost 4.4 million households.

I wonder what’s behind the drop at ABC.  A less than scintillating year in the Big Ten?  Brent Musburger fatigue?  What?


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On the road again

One way to keep the profitability of Georgia’s athletic department up is to keep travel expenses down.

You can see the breakdown of Georgia’s 358 miles of travel here.

This is obviously a fun, but somewhat misleading, bit of information.  For example, the Wiz notes that

… (t)eams from the Southeastern Conference hold down seven of the top eight spots for teams having traveled the fewest miles. This includes Florida, which last played a nonconference road game outside of the Sunshine State on Sept. 21, 1991, at Syracuse…

which is true, but tends to minimize the fact that the Gators were playing FSU and Miami, both top ten programs for much of that time.

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