Miles Brand likes the word “probably”…

at least when he’s talking about his support for a “plus-one” format for the BCS.

… The move, if it ever comes, would require an NCAA rules change allowing the championship finalists to play an additional game each season. Schools “would probably vote for it with some reluctance … they probably would agree,” Brand says, weighing in on the issue for the first time. “And I probably would, too.

Really, there’s no new ground in the article.  But there is some interesting data:

… Playoff opponents point to record-breaking interest in the regular season, which they argue would be compromised by a postseason tournament. Attendance at major-college football games averaged 46,459 and will break the record of 46,249 set a year ago. That number has climbed 11 consecutive years.

Television ratings for ESPN and CBS were the highest since 1999, and game viewership on ESPN2 averaged a record 1.027 million households, according to the networks. ABC’s college football viewership, which hit a 10-year high a year ago, dipped 15% to an average of almost 4.4 million households.

I wonder what’s behind the drop at ABC.  A less than scintillating year in the Big Ten?  Brent Musburger fatigue?  What?



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3 responses to “Miles Brand likes the word “probably”…

  1. ACC + Big 10 = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  2. veritasvocal

    ABC’s ratings are off because of the dead weight they call the Rose Bowl with teams no body cares about that they’re stuck with. ; ) Kidding of course…


  3. Maybe the ratings are off because of the impact of the Big Ten Network.

    On the second thought, nahhhhhhhhhhh… 😉