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Fondled against their will

Unfortunately, if you’re one of the victims, you’ll be hearing about this from your friends for a very long time.

Especially when two of the perpetrators look like this.

My guess is that the three players involved would rather run stadium steps for a year than have their names publicized.



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A (very) modest playoff proposal

This has a certain charm that I appreciate:

… My modest proposal for college football is to have a little flexibility. In an ideal world—one without pesky things like TV contracts—the sport would play it by ear. If Texas vs. USC is the only game anyone wants to see, make it happen. If there are four one-loss teams, throw them all into a playoff. And if there are five or seven or 10 teams that are roughly indistinguishable, don’t bother with a playoff or a championship game. The regular season may do a terrible job at selecting the country’s best team, but it functions rather well at determining who the best team isn’t. This year, every team has done more than enough to eliminate itself from contention. So, let’s play all the bowls, give everyone a smallish trophy, and tell them better luck next year…

I like that. But there’s all that money in a championship game…

(h/t Sunday Morning Quarterback)


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How long will Zook stay at Illinois?

Seriously?  That someone could ask that question of a coach whose current record at his school is 13-22 and whose overall record as a head coach is 35-36 is somewhat mindboggling.  (Or maybe he owes the Zooker a favor.)

But this is the topper.

… That’s not to say Zook, in his third year, is looking to leave. Illinois has already given him a contract extension, and bumped his salary to $1.5 million. But someone else is going to offer him $3 million. Count on it. [Emphasis added.]

Just for a little perspective, $3 million per year would make the Zooker the fifth highest paid college football coach in America.   If that happens, expect Congressional hearings to follow…

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Sugar Bowl factoid of the day

Per the World Wide Leader, since 2001, Hawaii’s record in games when the Warriors score less than 40 points is 19-26.  Georgia’s record in similar games over that time is 51-19.

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Point of pride

I’ve got no problem with giving deserving kids a second chance, but, still, this quote from Hawaii head coach June Jones comes off as a little disconcerting:

“The three best players I’ve had in this program were Pisa Tinoisamoa (now a linebacker with the St. Louis Rams), Colt Brennan and Davone Bess, and I recruited all three of them from jail,” Jones says. “We can’t get a kid like that to come to Hawaii. If a kid like that doesn’t have legal trouble, he’s going to USC or Colorado or somewhere.”

Hawaii players prepare for the island ritual known as “tongue-shaving”…

(photo courtesy Marco Garcia, AP)

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