How long will Zook stay at Illinois?

Seriously?  That someone could ask that question of a coach whose current record at his school is 13-22 and whose overall record as a head coach is 35-36 is somewhat mindboggling.  (Or maybe he owes the Zooker a favor.)

But this is the topper.

… That’s not to say Zook, in his third year, is looking to leave. Illinois has already given him a contract extension, and bumped his salary to $1.5 million. But someone else is going to offer him $3 million. Count on it. [Emphasis added.]

Just for a little perspective, $3 million per year would make the Zooker the fifth highest paid college football coach in America.   If that happens, expect Congressional hearings to follow…


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  1. Brandon

    He’s gonna be Zookin’ all the way to the bank. Ha! The BIG TEN, Ha!