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Coaches’ corner: just how badly do you want that job?

I’ve been trying to figure out how Papa Bowden has so much time on his hands to be able to lobby for Tater Tot to get the head coaching job at West Virginia, but then I realized it’s because he doesn’t have nearly so many players to coach in FSU’s upcoming bowl game. Of course, it’s also possible that Bobby has an ulterior motive in pushing his son for that position.

If a few persuasive calls aren’t getting the job done, BB may want to take a page out of the Rick Neuheisel playbook (h/t The Wizard of Odds) and simply offer to buy it.

If the Bruins are going to hire Neuheisel, why are they waiting? The last thing anyone wants to do is put Neuheisel in the position where he has to scramble for recruits, and maybe start piling up the infractions.

What’s it going to take for UCLA to believe Neuheisel has changed? Has he?

The way the story is told, Neuheisel met with the UCLA chancellor and told him he would keep Walker, hire Norm Chow and he would have one of his former fraternity brothers, who is rich now, pay for their salaries.

He also said he could produce four different donors, each giving $1 million for the Pauley Pavilion makeover, and no question, “Slick Rick” still has it.

Using other people’s money is an especially nice touch, I think.


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