At least they spelled ‘Mississippi’ right.

Believe it or not, per The Wizard of Odds, this is an official Bowl t-shirt:

If I were from Cincy, I’d switch to Domino’s.


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4 responses to “At least they spelled ‘Mississippi’ right.

  1. ladydawginfl

    Yea…that game was full of bloopers. The head ref called a penalty on Mississippi State instead of Southern Mississippi.


  2. Ron Zook

    Sorry dude, you are going to have to explain this one to me.


  3. Zooker, how many “t”s are in Cincinnati?


  4. The typo is embarrassing, but to me the most embarrassing part of that T-shirt is still the fact that it says “ Bowl” on it. I mean, it isn’t 1997 anymore — adding “.com” to something like this is about as hip and novel as a “not!” joke.

    As a Birmingham resident, I have to ask, would “the Papa John’s Magic City Bowl” really have been that bad?