Here come the robots, y’all.

If you’re Fox Sports, the BCS has been berry, berry good to you.

… With four post-New Year’s games on its schedule, including the college football national championship game on Jan. 7 between LSU and Ohio St. as well as broadcasts of the Sugar, Fiesta and Orange Bowls on the docket, Fox has sold out its entire inventory for the slate of games, despite hefty increases on pricing. For the Sugar, Fiesta and Orange Bowls, the network priced each 30-second spot at $500,000 this year. The BCS National Championship game drew prices of $950,000, up from last year’s prices of around $800,000.

And so now you start looking for new worlds to conquer.

With rights to leagues such as the heavyweight Southeastern Conference coming available for the 2009 season, Mr. Goren said Fox is looking for opportunities to make college football a part of the network’s long-term plans. One key to that could be with the SEC, which enters the final year of its deal with CBS with the 2008 season.

“We would love to get a regular-season package, and I believe we could do a lot with it,” Mr. Goren said. “We talked about having a regular season for years, but unfortunately a lot of those deals don’t come on the market very often. That’s a hell of a testament to the health of college football in this country.”

SEC football and those stupid Fox graphics… be still, my heart.


UPDATE: On a related note, at least Georgia fans have some attractive options if we don’t want to listen to the Fox broadcast crew for the Sugar Bowl. Larry Munson is going on the road and will handle the play by play duties as only he can. And ESPN Radio is giving us Uncle Ron.


UPDATE #2:  Scratch Munson from the Sugar Bowl.  Oh, well… at least we’ve still got Franklin as an alternative.


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4 responses to “Here come the robots, y’all.

  1. Andrew

    Please, no. I don’t want to ever have a reason to watch FOX other than Family Guy and the Simpsons.


  2. I’m sure you’ll be heartbroken, but they seem to have retired the robots. At least they didn’t march out any androids for last year’s BCS Championship game.


  3. Think about it, people: Florida and the Yankees on back-to-back broadcast slots.

    It’s a good thing Teblow’s going pro after next season- pairing him up with Derek Jeter would create a vortex of hype that would threaten to implode the universe.


  4. dean

    At least I will not have to change the channel after a Georgia win to watch the Falcons lose.
    Seriously I hope this doesn’t happen I kinda enjoy listening to Verne Ludquist(?) call the games.