The road to the Sugar Bowl

Just to add some depth to the notion of the weakness of Hawaii’s schedule this year, consider that in its twelve games Hawaii played one BCS conference opponent (4-7 Washington), one school ranked at the time they played (#19 Boise State) and three teams playing in bowl games (Boise State, Nevada and Fresno State – all WAC schools).

But with a little digging, it’s even softer than that. Washington, by many accounts, played the toughest schedule in the nation this year and that’s apparent in that the Huskies played eleven BCS conference opponents, six ranked teams and nine bowl bound teams in its twelve games.

The eleven remaining schools on Hawaii’s schedule played a total of 130 regular season games (1-AA schools play eleven regular season games). In those 130 games, you’ll only find sixteen BCS conference opponents (12.3%), eight schools ranked at the time the games were played (6.7%) and thirteen bowl bound teams (10%). For comparison’s sake, Georgia played ten schools from BCS conferences (83.3%), four ranked schools (33%) and seven schools going to bowl games (58.3%) – in twelve regular season games, of course.

None of this guarantees a Georgia victory Tuesday night. But it does show that not only has Hawaii rarely been challenged, but that most of the Warriors’ opponents have rarely been challenged, by schools with better resources and talent pools. In other words, Georgia has much greater experience in what to expect from a quality opponent than does Hawaii. Honestly, that should matter.

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