A few more Sugary odds and ends

  • There’s been a lot of attention paid to the significance of the Sugar Bowl for Hawaii.  Because of that and because the game has been routinely dismissed as being a consolation prize for missing out on the BCS title game for Georgia, many commentators think that the Warriors have a clear edge in emotion and focus coming in.  I think that’s overblown, and that the Dawgs have plenty of motivation to play Hawaii.  Plus, it’s not like Mark Richt hasn’t been able to get his team prepared emotionally to play lately.
  • One thing that isn’t overblown, though, is Hawaii’s offensive line.  Those guys do a fine job in pass protection.  Hawaii likes to move the pocket a lot.  Brennan isn’t the tallest of QBs and his throwing motion is a bit funky in that he’s not an over-the-top passer, but he always seems to have a clear lane in which to throw.  More important than sacks is that Martinez needs to scheme to clog those passing lanes.
  • Speaking of Brennan, he doesn’t run much (73 attempts for 65 yards), but he leads his team in rushing TDs with 8.  The quarterback draw in the red zone would seem to be a real threat.
  • Georgia averages almost 179 yards per game rushing the ball.  Hawaii has yielded more rushing yardage than that four times this season – including three of its last four games.
  • Hawaii’s longest run from scrimmage is 47 yards.  Of its 16 rushing TDs, 14 came inside the red zone.
  • For the season, Hawaii is -1 in turnover margin.  Surprisingly, even though the Warriors run the ball much less than does Georgia, they’ve lost the ball on fumbles (10) more than the Dawgs have (7).

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