A few bowl game notes

From what I saw from the couch:

  • What do you get when you take this game and make the Gator defense worse? Why, you get this game. Florida under Meyer has now lost two games in which it was highly ranked and been +4 and +5 in turnover margin. That’s not easy to do. It just goes to show that Heisman Trophy winner or not, it pays to go after the quarterback in Florida’s spread offense hard and heavy.
  • That Joe McKnight’s a pretty good looking ballplayer.
  • I continue to think that Tubs is kidding himself when he insists that Auburn will continue to be a physical team on offense in its new-fangled spread scheme. But Mario Fannin and Kodi Burns look like they might prosper in it.
  • So far, being an interim head coach in a bowl game hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be. Just sayin’, West Virginia fans.
  • Chan gets canned, and Tech loses six games in a season for the first time since 2003. All that progress, gone.
  • Kentucky struggles against a FSU team missing almost a third of its roster, is losing a bunch of its starters to graduation… and 66 year old Rich Brooks wants to coach there at least another five years. These truly are the good old days in Lexington.


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6 responses to “A few bowl game notes

  1. HVLDawg

    If the Gaytors can’t show better than that on New Year’s Day, they should do the honorable thing- join the ACC.

    The Gaytors couldn’t do in their home state what Appy State did in the big house. Those swamp sucking lizzards are an embarrassment to our league.


  2. To my thinking when you score 35 points you ought to win. Everytime.

    Or when you score 30, as we did against your Dawgs.

    I knew our D would be suspect this year, you don’t lose 9 of 11 starters and shine. But to have not gotten much better by now? That worries me.


  3. Average Ron Zook season at Florida: 8-5, win over Georgia.

    Florida this year: 9-4, loss against Georgia.

    Whoop-de-doo. I love this call for Florida to be next year’s preseason 2008 just because.


  4. Mighty selective statistics there D.N.

    If we want to talk “average” years, the average for Meyer is now 10.3 wins, 2.6 losses AND a win over Georgia (2-1).

    This year we essentially started an entire new defense. It showed.


  5. Mergz – I hope the Gator D picks up enough next year to have you guys in the top 5. I would love for the WLOCP to be the biggest game in the conference next year.

    If it winds up being that big a matchup in the SEC, it’ll be enormous nationally, too.


  6. “If we want to talk “average” years, the average for Meyer is now 10.3 wins, 2.6 losses AND a win over Georgia (2-1).”

    Not my point. My point was that this season, Florida wasn’t really all that better than any given season under the dude they fired. 9-4. Tied for 5th in the conference. Ho hum.

    And I don’t see how a few months of no football is going to turn “Ho hum” into a #1 candidate. Moreso than, say, us.

    “This year we essentially started an entire new defense. It showed.”

    This year Georgia essentially started an entire new O-line. It showed. Then they got better.

    Florida’s D? Not so much.