Here comes the boom…

Here’s the first highlight video of the Sugar Bowl I’ve seen, complete with some Hawaii fans’ pregame smack.

Watch for the jailbreak by the Dawg defense that led to the Ellerbe interception. It’s at about 4:50 on the video.

(h/t Dawgbone)


UPDATE:   Nobody’s blocked this Brennaman highlight yet, so here comes the gaffe:



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5 responses to “Here comes the boom…

  1. scdawg

    Dang. It’s already no longer available.


  2. This is who blocked it. Seems kinda shortsighted on their part, but what do I know?


  3. Maybe they did it out of hope that they’d be able to bury Thom Brennaman’s horrid commentary and never let it see the light of day again.

    If that was their intention, then I can’t fault them too much.


  4. Actually, it’s the opposite. The YouTube video was musically tracked, with no commentary from Fox.

    They’re probably just afraid that people would prefer it to their version with the broadcasters. 😉


  5. Bob

    I posted the video of Mikey getting hit and the one of Marcus’ sack on Brennan. Both of those were blocked within a day. They ‘Gators’ clip is the only one not banned yet.