I just don’t know what to do with myself.

There is a stupidity quotient to the whole BCS/playoff debate that routinely drives me up the wall. True, most of what I’ve posted here has shined a light on some of the dumb things playoff proponents argue, but there’s some equally idiotic stuff coming from the other side.

Like this quote from one David Jones, who evidently earns a living writing about sports:

“My problem is Ohio State, quite frankly,” Florida Today sports writer David Jones said. “They played a schedule about as comparable as Hawaii’s…”

That would be accurate, if by “about as” you meant that they could both be measured. Otherwise, no.

Sagarin rated Hawaii as having the 137th toughest schedule (meaning that a number of 1-AA schools had tougher ones). Sagarin ranks Ohio State at #62. Ohio State played six regular season games against BCS conference opponents with winning records. Hawaii played zero.

And this guy’s a pollster. A pollster who’s thinking about voting against Ohio State for the MNC if it wins the BCS title game. Jeezus, where do we get these people from? It’s almost enough to make me sign up for a playoff right now.

Except then I see this quote, and I’ve gotta laugh.

…Georgia thumps Hawai’i? Missouri thumps Arkansas? USC thumps Illinois? Welcome to what the first round games of a 16-team playoff will look like.

What can a poor boy do, except write in a college football blog?


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